Right Now Means Everything

Right now, the time isn’t right for dancing in the street.
Right now, a legend is D.O.A.
Right now, cigarette companies are laughing as they spend their big, fat money.
Right now, alcohol companies are saying, “Bottom’s up!”
Right now, people are practicing social distancing instead of practicing finger tapping.
Right now, it’s 1984.
Right now, it’s Judgement Day.
Right now, a pretty woman with drop dead legs is walking down the street and everybody wants some, but she keeps givin’ them the runaround.
Right now, a tired man with a wounded heart is wondering, “Why can’t this be love?”
Right now, a boy is hot for his (digital) teacher.
Right now, people are standing on top of the (flat) world for a little while.
Right now, I’m searching for the latest thing, a break from this covid-19.
Right now, I’m your ice cream man, and all my flavors are guaranteed to terrorize.
Right now, someone is stepping over your thin blue line.
Right now, everyone’s trying their best to stay frosty.
Right now, you shouldn’t take your whiskey home.
Right now, he doesn’t want to hear about it later.
Right now, he’s hoping you finish what ya started.
Right now, a young man is discovering The Kinks, and he will no longer wonder where all the good times have gone.
Right now, all the beautiful girls are doing whatever it is that beautiful girls do.
Right now, a Michael Jackson fan is learning something special about “Beat It.”
Right now, a guitar salesman is hearing “Eruption” for the ten millionth time, but for once, he doesn’t care.
Right now, Mars is the closest it will be to Earth for the next 15 years, and no one cares.
Right now, people across the world agree that Van Halen was the best thing about the movie Twister.
Right now, human beings aren’t being very human.
Right now, a cow is flying across a road, yelling, “Fuck cancerrrrrrrrrr!”
Right now, Ed isn’t playing the piano.
Right now, Ed doesn’t have his hands full.
Right now, the Atomic Punk is on fire, and he’s lighting up the sky.
Right now, a god is banging on the casket of another god, saying, “Can I have my guitar back, now?”
Right now, we should all dance the night away.
Right now, the memory of a legend will shine on.
Right now, the cradle will rock, and I say, “Rock On!”

Half Glass

If this glass
is all that’s left
Do I sip it
or leave it for the next
I’m a bit
parched these days
but at least
I can breathe
Greed is easy
So easy it can kill
You wouldn’t know
perched on your hill
The answer is
clear and right
before my eyes
One day
that person in need
could be me


what colors do you see
when you sleep?
are they the same
as the ones on your TV?
are your thoughts flat
or do they curve?
would you rather interact
or sit back and observe?
what purpose does it serve
to protect
but not purge?
what’s the point
of uniting
when all we do is burn?